The government has no right to your money, plain and simple. My administration will look to repeal the State income tax for individuals as well as businesses.




It is no secret that our education system in Kansas is flawed. Rather than continue to recklessly pump money into a broken system, school choice should be opened up to force schools to become efficient. This not only empowers families to choose schools that best suit their own children, but break up the largest standing monopoly in American History, which is the public school system.




It is important to understand that we all have a right to Life, and this right extends to those who are unborn. I support any legislation that restricts access to abortions in cases that do not involve rape or the Mother’s life being in danger.




Economic Growth

We must do more to support the small farmers and businesses in Kansas that are struggling to make ends meet. The way to “do more”  is to simply do less. Regulate private business less, tax incomes and sales less, be less involved in the decisions of businesses. By letting these businesses be free, a natural form of economic growth will happen as money will be able to freely and easily flow throughout Kansas, bringing prosperity with it.




Government Spending

The government spends too much of hardworking Kansans’ money on things we just simply do not need. I will seek to cut spending anywhere there is a need, assuring that we do not waste the precious dollars of the Kansas taxpayer.





By cutting out the government in the healthcare industry, we will see a new found ease in finding affordable and quality care. It is quite simply not the governments job to be footing the bill for all healthcare needs.


Criminal Justice Reform

Our justice system in the state has become broken. We allow the state to seize assets of individuals simply because they may be connected to crimes, as well as jail our own citizens for putting a substance in their own bodies while hurting no other people. This administration will look to work with the legislature to end civil asset forfeiture when no crime is committed as well as decriminalize all drug use in the state.