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How poker chips are made can also be done by hand. This is called mass manufacturing and is often done on a small scale. A computer controlled machine may make thousands of chips in a short amount of time, but it can’t guarantee that each chip will be perfectly shaped and perfectly aligned. In a mass production setting, all chips are made in precisely identical fashion. Because of this, slight differences in shape and alignment are acceptable.

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How poker chips are made can also be done electronically. Computer controlled machines are becoming more commonplace and are often used in casino games. While the lack of human intervention makes them less prone to human error, they do have their drawbacks. These machines are not able to deal with varying temperatures and they produce chips of varying quality. For instance, poor quality poker chips may not be able to withstand the intense heat and they could melt. This lower quality chip could then be destroyed in a game, rendering it useless.

How poker chips are made using handcrafting is slightly more efficient than the other methods. Although the final product will look similar, there are some differences that might be apparent upon the first glance. For instance, a poker chip that has been handcrafted may have a unique, artisan look to it. It might be curved, squared, even just slightly angled. It might be made with a certain type of wood, or it might be painted. Each of these choices tells a story about who created it and the skills involved.

How do chips get made by heat? When a piece of metal is heated, it naturally presses and bonding together substances that are of similar heat values. Like when a hot glue is pressed and bonded together, or when hot wax is melted together, there are some bonds that are more durable than others. The thicker the bond, the more durable it is. A poker chip, for instance, would likely have a much thicker bond with a metal object than a piece of wood or plastic.

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There is another aspect of how the chips are made that is often overlooked. There is the additional step of carefully machining each chip after it has been crafted. This is done in order to get the perfect fit and smooth edges on each chip. Handcrafted chips are truly beautiful and can also be an interesting way to impress others with your personal style.

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