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Some researchers believe that compulsive gamblers may suffer from other online gambling IQ disorders as well. One such disorder is called antisocial personality disorder. Those suffering from this disorder are known to have a poor sense of social norms, to have unusual self-pride, and to have a lack of basic coping skills. Researchers also believe that compulsive gamblers may have problems associated with obsessive-compulsive spectrum disorders, depression, and anxiety.

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As you can see, there are many potential problems associated with this disorder. So how can anyone determine what is normal? The best way to go about this is to look at the intelligence of individuals with the disorder and compare them with others in the general population. If a high number of people in one group has low IQ, this does not necessarily mean that the person with lower IQ has higher intelligence. This is why it’s important to remember that standardized tests only measure the IQ, not the IQ or the ability to solve complex problems.

Compulsive gamblers do not have good educational results. In fact, many of these people have low average IQ scores. They were probably not given any special education. Another reason why the testing was not good is that the testing procedure itself causes memory confusion. Most gambling addicts cannot think of more than two answers when the card counting is being done. Memory confusion is the main cause of psychological and cognitive deficiencies in gamblers.

Average IQ

That is why I strongly believe that if compulsive gamblers could be taught proper gambling rules and better tested gambling methods, they would develop average IQ levels. They would then be able to learn to count cards without suffering from the short term memory loss associated with most card counting methods. The problem is that most gambling teachers teach students to rely on memory alone rather than using a logical strategy. That is why we need better testing online gambling games procedures for this particular problem.

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