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Many people are wondering will a New Mexico online casino reopen again? The Las Vegas Sands Corp., which owns and operates several of the best known Casinos in the world, has decided to put the Las Vegas Hilton on “indefinite hiatus” while it renovates and builds another casino in New Mexico. The original opening of the Fairfield Inn on Las Vegas Boulevard was financed by theered financial contract between the Sands and the Mandalay Resort. This deal made possible by the State of New Mexico. However, this casino lease was set to expire and with the passage of time; the Hilton’s occupancy period for both the casinos ended.

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The reason why the casino is re-opening is mainly the result of the unavoidable losses that the casino had incurred during the past few years. The losses included the closure of the Las Vegas Hilton due to several incidents such as fire and burglary; a bankruptcy filing by the Hilton Company which resulted in a total loss of more than $1.75 million dollars; and the eviction of the Inn from its location on Las Vegas Boulevard. All these factors combined with the lack of tourists led the state to take over the operation of the casinos. With the takeover of the properties by the state, there was no longer any control or ownership over the casinos, except through a small percentage which represents a majority share of the profits. This is how the casinos came to be closed.

However, when they were re-opened, it is obvious that the state did not let its citizens’ loss linger. The re-opening of the Fairfield Inn and the Bellagio has brought thousands of new customers to the casinos. Furthermore, several high profile politicians and businessmen have made it their business to promote the opening of new casinos in New Mexico. Even though this is the case; the likelihood that other gambling establishments will also re-open in the state is very slim. For now, the fate of these two Las Vegas Casinos is tied with that of the New Mexico Gaming Commission. Because of the conflict between the Commission and the Bellagio Company over the ownership of the casinos, both companies are working out an amicable solution for the Commission’s problems.

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Both companies agreed to a repayment plan, which involves paying the state fifty thousand dollars in return for allowing them to remain on the site of the Bellagio and the Fairfield Inn. This was considered as satisfactory by the Commission and the two casinos have re-opened. This online casino games has been accepted by the legislature and it is expected that other states will follow suit. If the Commission decides to allow the Bellagio Company to open another casino in New Mexico, the gaming authority would have no say in the decision. That means for the companies to re-open the Bellagio and the Fairfield Inn again, it will first need the consent of the state.

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