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It is absolutely crucial that banks must consistently assess their various money laundering risks. Failure to do so will expose the institution to a number of legal and financial risks, some of which are quite serious. Unfortunately, there are many individuals who choose to commit crimes in order to try to make easy money. As such, it is important for banks to implement internal controls to manage these types of issues. In addition to following the guidelines set forth by the Office of Legal and Ethical Standards for Money Laundering and Financial Services (MLSIF), banks must also continually develop and implement effective internal control measures.

Money Laundering

Many people do not fully understand the significance of financial crisis or market fluctuations. For instance, during the recent economic crisis, consumers in Great Britain (as well as throughout the United States) took drastic action in order to save their financial lives. In doing so, many individuals fell into debt traps. Unfortunately, as the result of their poor financial decisions, they were unable to keep up with their ever-growing debts. When a financial crisis occurs, the effects of which can last for several years, it is imperative that financial institutions implement comprehensive plans in order to mitigate potential risks of illicit activities.

Risk Vs Gain

The recent incidents have brought forth questions about the level of protection provided by financial institutions against illicit activities. In order to resolve these issues, government officials and regulatory agencies will need to undertake thorough investigations into how banks, authorities, and other institutions communicated with each other during the time of the crisis.

They will need to examine how effective the coordination efforts were among different levels of government, as well as among international and local law enforcement agencies. Furthermore, records of bank transactions need to be examined to determine whether any suspicious activities took place. Finally, money laundering prevention strategies need to be developed and implemented in order to minimize the likelihood of criminal enterprises and organizations targeting banks and other financial institutions for illicit transactions.

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