March Madness – Betting with Steroids

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The March Madness season has been filled with hype and acrimony ever since it began. There are rumors of coaches losing their jobs, players fighting and other conflicts that have marred the image of the entire college basketball league. It’s been a particularly rough season for Kentucky, which is expected to lose to North Carolina in the first round of the NCAA tournament. Here are some things that we’ve all been hoping won’t happen this year.

March Madness

As the old saying goes, “you can’t win ’em all.” This March Madness season has certainly been a disappointment for college basketball bettors everywhere, as most bettors have picked teams to win between four and six games. However, there is one type of bettors that is expected to break even on March Madness. That’s because these gamblers have picked every team to win between two and four.

Why do they do this? Obviously, they realize that there is a slim chance that any team will emerge as the national champion, but they also realize that they can make money if they make a correct prediction. After all, if there’s such a great probability that one college basketball team will emerge as the national champion, then it stands to reason that there’s a good chance that at least one of those teams will go to the tournament and that they will most likely beat the competition.

More Moolah

One way that gamblers accomplish this is by choosing their picks extremely carefully. In order to win a bet, it’s necessary to be able to spot a strong possibility that the actual bettor’s team will actually make it to the championship game. Most college basketball gamblers don’t make a habit of taking chances on teams that aren’t really that good. They’re more interested in picking a team that has a real chance of winning the whole thing.




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