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Another important historical Macau gambling event was the establishment of the first casino in the region, the Macao Free State, in the early years of modern Macau. Called the Macao Exchange, this establishment included a pair of shophouses and several restaurants, which catered largely to the local Chinese community. Though it never became a hugely popular resort, it did manage to create a sense of “Chineseness” in Macau, drawing in hundreds of thousands of visitors.

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The establishment of these casinos, and later, the establishment of Hong Kong casinos in the early years of the twenty-first century, signaled the beginning of a new trend in Macau tourism. Not only did these developments signal the beginning of globalization, they also signaled the beginning of a new era in Macau’s development as a modern city.

Macau gambling Revenue continues to soar with increase in number of visitors and gamblers. The number of people visiting Macau for their gambling needs is higher than any other place in the world. The number of visitors has been on a rise. The casino industry in Macau has also recorded a steady increase in revenue. Overall, Macau has a booming gambling sector.

In recent years, Macau gambling Revenue has continued to rise. Annual gambling revenues in there, the world’s largest gambling hub, have jumped by over a percent to reach a record $US4.6 billion dollars in sales over the year ended April 2021. This was up 5.5 percent from the previous year. This was primarily due to the opening of the Venetian Resort and Casino and the continued build up of the Mela Macao. Both the Venetian Resort and Casino and the luxurious Venetian resort are constantly busy with tourists and gamblers from across the globe.

Chinese New Year is a time of great excitement, and whilst many of us in the UK may be experiencing buyer’s market, it is a whole other story down in Macau. Chinese people are paying more than ever for property in there, so the celebration of Chinese New Year brings with it all sorts of buyers looking to make an investment. This is great news for the local economy in Macau, and also a great boost for tourism! So, what are the main events during Chinese New Year?

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Chinese New Year falls on the night of February 12, and can be a very busy time for tourist accommodation. The main celebrations take place at the quai in the central district of Macau, where there is a wide range of different venues to choose from. Firecrackers and firework shows are held in the a-ma temple, which was the venue for the traditional Chinese New Year celebrations in ancient times.

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