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Capsa Online

Capsa Online / Chinese Poker Rules can be a bit confusing. Since Chinese Poker Rules does not use any counters or cards like other games, it is technically not solitaire, but its use of different poker hands is what lends the game its name. The game is usually played with 2-3 players, a regular 52-card deck and some different approaches to maintaining score. There are basically four types of Chinese Poker Rules that you must learn and master in order to be successful at this fun card game.

Scoring is done by using a special die with a hole in the center. This represents the cards that are either played for you or against you. When you see the number of cards on the die, this is called the “qi”, which indicates the score. Here are the basic Chinese poker rules for a simple way to remember them.

Capsa Online Scooping Method

The first part of Chinese poker rules is the picking of decks. Two people are dealt thirteen cards face down. The person to your right deals the first five cards and the person to your left deals with the remaining five cards. In a standard game two people will deal the first group of cards. Then the group of cards is passed around so that each player can take turns and deal from the top to the bottom. You are allowed to switch hands.

The next part of the Chinese poker rules is the scooping method. This is usually done after the cards have been dealt. If you have scooped your hand, you will win. Scooting is also allowed if there are no good hands to be scooped. If there are no scoops, and there is a pile up of cards, the person to your right will call and the person to your left will serve.

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