Press Release regarding party switch

It is our intent as a campaign to run under the Libertarian Party rather than continue to deal with the childishness that is the Republican Party in the state.

The State Republican Party has continually acted in the manner that would most closely fit an elementary school student. Not only have they shut this campaign out of any sort of debate due to an arbitrary agreement rather than merit of ideas, but also continually go back on its own platform which states “Our Government should be smaller, smarter, and more efficient.”

By switching party affiliation, we as a campaign can continue to pursue our vision of what a free Kansas is and should be. A Kansas that allows its citizens to put into their body what they please. A Kansas that does not act as though the government has a right to a citizen’s property. A Kansas that does not stand for a bullying and overreaching government, and that will gladly stand up to the federal government through our 10th amendment right. And Finally, a Kansas that does not waste taxpayer money on personal projects, but rather allows the taxpayer to keep their money and use it as they see fit, not as how the political elites see fit.

It is upsetting to say the least that the State GOP leadership does not even follow its platform, and that they shut out candidates strictly due to age. As this campaign sees it, the Party is a fraud and should be exposed as such. We hope to assure that all voters understand just how much the State Republicans truly believe in the power of the state, rather than the power of its own citizens.

We are excited for this switch and will be working very hard for the voters in this Great State!